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Under The Skin: Molly Kellett’s Make-up Masterclass


Molly Kellet

Molly Kellet


As part of our ongoing Under The Skin series, we’re delving into the personalities behind the professionals in our Leeds and London offices. Here, Finance Assistant Molly Kellett talks to us about her passion for make-up artistry, and how her hobby and job role make a – somewhat unlikely – perfect match.

My love for makeup began when I was around 14. I can still remember my first Avon ‘starter kit’ that my Mum gave to me at Christmas – it went everywhere with me!

I’ve never been a fan of the freckles on my face, so I used to try everything in my power to cover them up, and sooner or later I became fascinated by the different looks that could be created using just a few beauty products.

Once I started 6th Form, my passion for make-up grew significantly. I would spend my lunchtimes looking at new products launching online, and when I secured a job at my local pub I would spend nearly every penny of my wages on beauty products! Over the last couple of years, I’ve built quite the collection and it’s still growing.

I see make-up as an art. Knowing which shades will bring out your eye colour and which blush matches your skin tone for example, is a real skill. Make-up can make such a difference and that’s what I love about it. When applied in the correct way, it can sculpt the face and accentuate your features.

There’s also a lot more to make-up artistry than many people think, and it can be so interesting learning about tricks of the trade such as contouring – a trick that aims to make the face look slimmer and the nose appear smaller – which has been made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger. Another trick I love is to make your lips appear fuller by using two shades of lipstick. People are becoming more conscious about their appearance, and I think make-up is a great way of enhancing natural beauty without resorting to surgical treatments!

Although the factual, straight-laced and meticulous role I have as a Finance Assistant here at Turn Key may seem a million miles away from make-up artistry, being incredibly organised actually applies to the methodical way I might apply my beauty products. However, it is fair to say I love to show my creative side when working with make-up too.

Whilst completely different on paper, my job and my hobby somehow fit together perfectly. I get a real buzz out of obsessively organising my makeup (yes, really!), in exactly the same way that I hone my organisational skills in the Finance department here at Turn Key.


Molly Kellett Under The Skin


Team TK complete Tough Mudder


Jenny Taylor

Jenny Taylor


Anybody who’s heard of Tough Mudder will know it’s not for the faint hearted! Here, Digital Senior Account Manager, Jenny Taylor tells all about completing one of the country’s toughest obstacle races and how the TK team pulled together through 12 miles of mud…

In March this year, Business Support Executive Lucy and I took the plunge and signed up for a gruelling 12 mile obstacle race known as Tough Mudder. Whilst we attempted to rally the TK troops to tackle this almighty challenge, it seemed that we were the only two insane enough to give it a go.

A couple of weeks later Client Services Director, Mike Robinson was signed up involuntarily as a birthday ‘present’ (ha!) and Web Developer, Rob was persuaded to take on the mud too.

The course didn’t disappoint. If you’ve completed Tough Mudder, you’ll know you’ve never been as cold as when swimming through the Arctic Enema, a shipping container filled with ice. You’ll know that the (completely unavoidable) wires of the Electroshock Therapy deliver blows that feel like you are literally being punched, and you’ll know the utter exhaustion that hits you when you’re battling the mud and grease or scaling the Balls to the Wall obstacle. You’ll also understand all too well that throwing yourself off a 12 foot platform for the first time brings a whole new level of fear!

But you’ll appreciate the sense of accomplishment you feel when you work with your teammates and complete strangers to conquer the course. Tough Mudder brings a whole new dimension to the phrase teamwork, and I’m so glad I had my fellow TK-ers to pull me through.

Amongst the obstacles that tested your strength, agility, grit and camaraderie, the day was also filled with some serious fun. Sliding down the North Yorkshire Moors on the mother of all mudslides, losing your trainers whilst wading through the Mud Mile and laughing until we cried made us all feel like kids again. Adrenaline carries you through until you cross the finish line, where you‘re handed what I can only describe as the most beautiful thing in the world at that time… a nice cold beer!

This is one challenge I can certainly say I’ll be taking on again next year. I am without a doubt fully recruited into the ‘Mudder Legion’, so watch out potential Mudders, I’ll be coming for you next year!


Alive: In The Face Of Death by Rankin


Richard Colvill

Richard Colvill


He’s a celebrated photographer, known best for having shot the likes of Madonna, Kate Moss and HRH the Queen. Inspired by grief, John Rankin Waddell most recently produced a series of striking images to challenge perceptions of the ultimate taboo subject, death. Here, Creative Director, Rich Colvill tells all about meeting the man himself.

Last week I attended the launch of photographic book, Alive: In The Face Of Death by acclaimed British photographer, Rankin. Created to accompany a BBC documentary, the book is an emotional exploration of mortality and features more than 70 images.

Through his lens, the stories of those touched by death are revealed.

At the launch event, I was lucky enough to speak to Rankin and he explained that the BBC had approached him with the initial idea of exploring the perception of death in Britain. He went on to say that he and the director became more and more depressed as filming progressed. As the book aims to celebrate life, the pair absorbed every single story and emotion of their subjects and managed to depict each and every one as an inspiration.

The project is close to home for the photographer, as Rankin lost both his parents in 2005. He said, “We need to communicate and talk, because talking about death actually aids the healing and grieving process.”

I even got the chance to speak to a lovely lady who features in the piece, an utterly heart-warming moment that I will never forget.

Alive: In The Face Of Death was a truly inspiring evening, the stories we heard and the people we met will stay with me for years to come.

*Book printed by team impression


Alive: In The Face Of Death

Eee by gum! How Yorkshire are you?


Abi Camwell

Abi Camwell


Happy Yorkshire Day to all! Indeed, today is an entire day dedicated to God’s Own Country – not county, country – and as an agency born and bred in Leeds, we couldn’t be more proud of our Yarrrkshire roots.

So the question remains… how Yorkshire are you? Whether you’re a true Yorkshire lad or lass, an adopted citizen to the UK’s biggest county or simply an admirer of Northern splendour, we’ve whipped up our very own quiz to see exactly where you sit on the Yorkshire scale. It’s reet good.

Why not tweet us @TurnKeyUK with your results, or let us know what your favourite thing about Yorkshire is!

Yorkshire day quiz




Welcome to the Turn Key team


Nik Entwistle

Nik Entwistle


Back in May, we announced the launch of the Turn Key London office. I’ve always known that we’d expand beyond Yorkshire, but to see our plans come to fruition was a huge milestone.

Turn Key is continuing to grow as planned and our drive is continuing to take us beyond boundaries to deliver groundbreaking creativity. Our vision is in demand now more than ever as integrated agencies that can ensure brand consistency across on and offline channels are leading the field.

To continue to meet that demand, we have bolstered our senior team with two new appointments in PR and Social Media and Digital.

Emma Streets joins Turn Key as PR and Social Media Director from a global PR and public affairs consultancy, bringing a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge across B2B and B2C markets that will ensure Turn Key’s PR and social media offering combines solid strategy with creative delivery, and is always fully integrated.

Tom McCambridge joins us as Digital Account Director from a Head of Creative role, uniting his grounding in design with cutting edge digital insight that will enable Turn Key to deliver a strong, creative digital presence for clients.

As well as welcoming Emma and Tom, over the past three months we’ve also added 14 incredibly talented creative experts across the agency, whose combined experience will strengthen our first-class creative work even further.

I’m a firm believer that the very best talent comes from people who work in an environment that inspires them, in which their creativity is embraced and their enthusiasm is encouraged and nurtured.  The Turn Key brand values are instilled in each and every member of the team past, present and future; love, conviction, fearless, and substance.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of the TK team, we’d love to hear from you, please email


Taking a leap of faith. (Why I’m interning at 26.)


Frankie Najduch

Frankie Najduch


At Turn Key we understand the true meaning of job satisfaction. Here, TK London’s intern Frankie Najduch tells all about beginning her career again and how sometimes it pays to take a leap of faith.

Flashback. It’s Christmas time in London. Cue Winter Wonderland, South Bank markets, Somerset House ice rink, Regent Street’s lights switch on. Commuters and tourists alike are wrapped up and smiling away, enjoying the beautiful twinkling sights this amazing city has to offer.

Cue me: knackered, with no time or energy to see any of this. My version of Christmas for the past five years has been emotional and physical exhaustion. I work in fashion retail in the biggest mall in Europe, so you can pretty much call me the Grinch.

Fast-forward to today. I’ve just come back from a delicious lunch down the road at Exmouth market. I’m still getting to know the members of the new Turn Key London office and we spent an hour chatting to each other on a sunny park bench.

I sit here, smile and think ‘Thank God I took that leap.’

Working in store management for a very famous brand was a lot of responsibility: Does the store represent the brand? Are the customers happy? Are we being as commercial as possible? And with great responsibility comes… not a great lot of power. Frustrations in my job began and ended with the sentence: ‘No, you can’t do that.’ I had to make a change.

One fateful lunchtime I met Turn Key London MD, Phil Dean, in the courtyard of Clerkenwell Kitchens cafe. To cut a long story short, here I am in the London office starting again at 26 on a new career path: learning, learning, learning and loving it!

Working in a creative agency, there is one sentence you will definitely never hear: ‘No, you can’t do that.’ It’s so refreshing to work in an environment where your ideas are heard, encouraged, discussed and evolved.

In only my second week at Turn Key I was lucky enough to witness my first company meeting, and was blown away by the campaigns and creative work that have been born out of the agency. The rowdiness of the crowd cheering, clapping and supporting their colleagues emphasised exactly what I want from my career.

I think it’s going to take me a while to wrap my head around the fact that, at Turn Key, anything is possible. It’s opened my eyes to endless ideas and made me realise that you truly can be anything you want to be. You just have to take a leap of faith.

frankie S1


Counting the cost of complaints: when social turns anti


Victoria Bartram

Victoria Bartram


Social media is one of the best ways for a brand to communicate with thousands of consumers directly, but what happens when your social platforms turn into a hotbed for customer services complaints? Our PR and Social Media Account Manager, Victoria Bartram, talks us through when social turns anti.

We’ve all been there. You’ve endured the world’s worst hold music for 15 minutes whilst waiting to speak to a human being rather than an automated voice on the end of the line during your precious lunch hour and you Just. Can’t. Cope. There’s really only one solution to this: you ‘angry type’ your problem away, making sure to @mention your target before pressing tweet/post. Ahhh, that feels better. And they’re bound to respond over social media, right?

Venting about the latest customer service #fail, shoddy product or communications disaster online has become routine for so many of us. As a result, brands have to work hard to often retrospectively manage negativity when the damage has already been done.

PR Week recently reported that a study of 500 UK businesses conducted by OnePoll for Igniyte found that more than half of those companies have experienced damaging, malicious comments and posts, even estimating the cost of complaints at £47,000 on average in lost sales and company value each year.

Companies in sectors such as travel and leisure are particularly at risk from the darker side of review culture, but all businesses need to ensure that they are prepared to commit to managing all comments, good and bad.

The threat of negativity isn’t restricted to external customers – companies’ own employees have been at the helm of several high-profile social media crises, underlining the importance of ensuring open internal communications forums for staff to share issues without feeling the need to resort to public social media communities.

The key to managing negativity online? Speed, insight and commitment. Over the longer-term, using constructive negative comments to continually improve products and services and turning up the volume on the positive, are important considerations for all businesses that have a presence online.

time bomb SM s6

A first look at agency life


Turn Key

Turn Key


As a bunch of creative experts, we know just how important it is to nurture young talent and show aspiring marketing, design, PR and digital professionals a snapshot of the industry. Last week, not one but two talented interns joined us to experience a first look at agency life. Here’s how they got on…

Ellie Duffield – PR intern

After graduating this year (I’m still getting used to saying that) I came to Turn Key to explore the possibility of PR as a career path. On Monday morning I was greeted by a sea of cheery smiles, and as I got chatting with the PR team I knew it was going to be a fun couple of weeks.

The work I’ve been doing has been the real McCoy: very dynamic and extremely varied. I was given responsibilities straight away, talking to journalists, auditing newspapers, and identifying new opportunities for clients. Throughout the week I’ve taken part in brainstorms, written blog posts, and created social media content – which has been my favourite task so far.

Another task I loved was writing a blog post on Game of Thrones-inspired hairstyles, for hair extensions brand, Great Lengths. A lot of what I’ve been doing here just hasn’t felt like work, and I’ve learnt so much already. I’m chuffed to say that I think PR is definitely for me!

Charlotte Summers – Agency intern

From digital to marketing to PR to studio; I have experienced it all this week. As an integrated agency, Turn Key provides a real taste of the different roles in the fast-paced creative industry and to my relief my experience was far from the intern cliché of constant coffee runs!

Each department took me through their client projects and the internal management processes. Shadowing and assisting led to proofing, briefing meetings and even trying to get a quote for a local bespoke dressmaker; each day brought something entirely new to me.

The whole agency was so welcoming and I was invited into daily brainstorms where I could put forward my ideas and insights into several projects. Highlights included project idea generation with the designers and digital team… and getting to ride in Creative Director, Rich’s Bentley.

This experience has been invaluable, boosting my confidence and motivating me with the hope of working in a company like Turn Key after I graduate. Watch this space!



Under The Skin of Darren Jaques: The cycling bug


Darren Jaques

Darren Jaques


With the arrival of the Tour de France at TK HQ’s stomping ground of Leeds, it’s fair to say we’re well and truly in the racing spirit. One man with a passion for cycling is Senior Designer, Darren Jaques.

It’s a snowy Boxing Day morning, Christmas 2013.

Whilst most people are waking up with their families and nursing a hangover, I’m up to my knees in ice-cold water, wading through a stream in the Pentland Hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I’m caked in mud with my 26lb mountain bike digging into my shoulders. While I appreciate it’s not most people’s idea of a good time, there are few other places I’d rather be.

My love of mountain biking began about five years ago. What started out as a way to get fit and lose the extra pounds I’d gained during years of working in bars, has turned into a full-blown obsession.

Over the years kit has become more expensive, the rides longer and my calves have got thicker, but the passion I have for the sport hasn’t changed a bit.

These days it’s the mental side of riding that has become the most important to me, and the exercise is just an added benefit of doing what I love the most. Riding out into the middle of nowhere under your own power helps to relieve the stresses of everyday life.

When you’re in the saddle all you think about is the next rock, root or drop, what gear you’re in or whether you’ve got enough left in the tank to clear the next hill. In a way, it’s become more like meditating than getting fit.

I like to think that what applies to cycling, applies to life. That is, you get out what you put in. You always know that if you can make it to the top of that lung-bursting climb there’s an absolute scream of a descent to reward you on your way back down. Now all you have to do is get yourself up there.

Darren Jaques Under The Skin


Logo parodies, Turn Key style


Turn Key

Turn Key


Inspired by one of the creative industry’s favourite graphic designers, Viktor Hertz, who famously published a series of ‘honest logos’, the Turn Key studio team attempted their own logo parodies. Here’s what we came up with. 

Creating an iconic brand logo doesn’t happen overnight. It might happen over the course of a decade, but it’s unlikely and an instantly globally recognised logo is unlike any other marketing tool in terms of its power, reach and influence.

So when we read about Viktor Hertz’s tongue-in-cheek take on some of the most iconic logos in the world, we had to find out more. According to his website, Viktor says he’s “revealing the actual content of the company, and what they should really be called.” What’s more, he admits that “some are cheap, some might be funny, and some may be brilliant.”

We couldn’t agree more, so much so, we had a go at some of our own.

Needless to say, our lawyers made us tell you that these are just a bit of fun and in no way represent our opinion on the companies and brands mentioned.

parodies blog